Come to a Crafty Workshop at Michaels

You probably run to Michaels whenever you need to pick up party decorations or a set of paintbrushes, but did you know that the art supply store also hosts classes and workshops? These workshops are for kids and adults alike, and they often coincide with the season.

This fall, head to the Michaels in Hanover to do some crafting alongside friends. On Sunday, September 30th, the store will hold the Make a Floral Pumpkin session from 2 to 4 p.m. When you purchase a pumpkin, the staff provides all of the faux flowers and other decorations you need to adequately embellish it. If you have children in tow, come in for a Kids Club craft session. On Saturday, October 6th, employees will help kids make paper pumpkin lanterns for just $2 per project (good for ages 3 and up).

Public Domain/Pixabay/marijana1

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