Enjoy a Warm Fall Day at Severn Run and Jabez Branch

Make the most of these last few warm weekends of the year with a trip to Severn Run and Jabez Branch. Severn Run is a nine-mile tributary of the Severn River, and it boasts some of the healthiest stream water in the region. That makes it chock full of fish like largemouth bass and yellow perch. The nearby Jabez Branch is the Severn River’s largest tributary, and is the only coastal plain stream in Maryland with a naturally reproducing population of brook trout. Both of these areas are a fisherman’s dream, but are also just a relaxed place to take in a sunny afternoon. 

Chances are you’re running out of interesting outdoor areas to visit this year. If so, put Severn Run and Jabez Branch on your list. Find this gorgeous natural area in Aurora Hills, just off the Route 97 highway.

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