Enjoy Fresh Seafood at Backfins Grille

Every Wednesday night, the bar at Backfins Grille doles out half-priced glasses of wine. Meanwhile, the kitchen offers up plates of loaded seafood pasta for less than $20. It's easy to understand why seafood lovers flock to Backfins Grille, a new spot in Glen Burnie that just opened this summer.

Head to Backfins Grille any night of the week to enjoy its fresh seafood, prime steaks, and other American fare. Start by sharing some smaller bites like the clams casino and the spicy firecracker shrimp. Then dig into the main course, like the signature jambalaya featuring shrimp, sausage, and chicken tossed with tomato, bell pepper, and onion over yellow rice. Or you can devour the ribeye steak, a cut of U.S. Choice beef, or try one of the sandwiches, salads, or flatbreads instead.

Public Domain/Pixabay/fudowakira0

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