Hana Japanese: Sushi and More Near Flats 170 at Academy Yard

Sushi is one of the most famous dishes in Japanese cuisine, and it's certainly at the top of the menu at Hana Japanese. This Odenton restaurant serves up plenty of spicy tuna rolls, dragon rolls, and cucumber rolls, as well as sashimi ranging from salmon to octopus.

Yelp reviewers say that all of the sushi is very high quality at Hana Japanese, but they suggest that for a special treat, you might simply specify how many total sushi pieces you want and let the chef surprise you with a variety of different rolls that showcase different fish and flavors. Don't worry if sushi's just not your thing, as the restaurant also serves plenty of other types of Japanese entrees. You'll find a variety of noodle dishes on the menu ranging from ramen to udon, as well as a several different teriyaki-style meals. If you're eating in, you might also try one of the bento box specials, which give you small quantities of at least half a dozen different dishes artfully arranged on a special laquered tray.

Hana Japanese
Piney Orchard Parkway
Odenton, MD 21113
(410) 695-1666

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