Hop Aboard a Hay Ride at Maryland Corn Maze

As much as we might wish it otherwise, most of us won’t grow up to be witches and wizards—most people are destined to live as mere mortals. But even so, we don’t have to suffer from a lack of magic in our lives. The Maryland Corn Maze, for example, brings potions and spells alongside eight acres of cornfields. 

The maze itself is actually split into two phases, one long and one short. Adults and children alike can wander through the corn and challenge themselves to find their way through. It just might be a new family tradition in the making! The magic continues with other activities, like a petting zoo or hayride. But it becomes most literal with an assortment of festive, sorcery-filled options, including broomstick swings, a witch’s brew drink, and even a wand shop to outfit your wizarding ensemble. 

A trip to the Maryland Corn Maze is sure to be a magical experience in more ways than one. Embrace your mystical side with a bit of witchcraft or simply enjoy the festive seasonal activities with the corn maze, hayride, and country-style fun. As a Halloween treat or highlight of your autumn, you’ll be counting the days until next fall. 

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