Load Up on Napkins at PIER99 Cajun Seafood & Bar

Even if you aren’t eating dinner in large groups or enjoying too many celebratory meals right now, PIER99 Cajun Seafood & Bar just feels like a party. Any meal that consists of incredible boiled seafood, decadent fried dishes, and a craft cocktail in hand is an instant good time. Enjoy all of your favorite shellfish cooked to perfection with PIER99’s signature spice blend, and best eaten with your hands to savor every finger-licking bite. Make it a combo with traditional corn and potato sides, along with shrimp, crab, and sausage in one filling meal. And if you think fish is best served fried, PIER99 Cajun Seafood & Bar has you covered there as well with baskets piled high with Cajun fries. 

Dine in service is available at the restaurant’s waterfront, beachy shack along MD-3 that also boasts views of the USS Lexington. Or PIER99 Cajun Seafood & Bar makes for great takeout for football games, snowy days, and just about any other occasion that you want to celebrate.

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