New 2 Us: A Cool Consignment Shop Near Flats170 at Academy Yard

Second-hand shopping is so much fun for so many reasons, whether it’s all about the cost savings, exciting finds, or ability to reduce waste by recycling used goods. The next time you’re up for a treasure hunt, check out New 2 Us on Odenton Road. This co-op and consignment shop has surprises around every corner, from home décor and dinnerware, to children’s goods, furniture, and more. One day you might find a cool wall clock, a vintage vase, and the perfect mirror, and then next time stock up on holiday decorations, sports memorabilia, and your favorite comics from when you were a kid. And because New 2 Us is constantly refreshing their stock, you’re likely to have a whole different experience each time you visit. 

For a glimpse of the store and its items, visit the website and take the virtual tour. You might spot the perfect little end table, a rare coin, or some funky jewelry that you just have to have.  

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