Now Open Near Flats170 at Academy Yard: Chill Axes

After the year we’ve all had, you’d probably try anything for a little extra excitement. But indoor axe throwing? Before you assume that it’s not for you, give it a try at Chill Axes. This unique venue offers a safe and heart-pumping way to burn off some steam, loosen up those arms, and infuse a little friendly competition into a night out. Even novices can pick it up quickly and be throwing bullseyes after a few practice rounds.

Chill Axes has a bar in the works, but until that opens, you are welcome to bring a round of drinks and order food from one of the many partnering restaurants near Chill Axe for delivery. There’s plenty of information on their website to see how it works, and giving it a try is as easy as showing up with an open mind. Choose to make a reservation, but walk-ins are accepted as well. Chill Axes is located on Concord Boulevard in Crofton, and has operating hours seven days a week. 

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