Poki DC Offers Fresh, Healthy Options for a Quick Lunch

Looking for a fresh and healthy alternative to traditional fast food? A trip to Poki DC might be just what you’ve got in mind. This newly-opened Bethesda eatery specializes in Hawaiian-style poke bowls, which are filled to the brim with your choice of veggies and lean protein. 

First you decide on your base: rice is the traditional choice, but if you’d prefer something lighter, Poki DC also offers zucchini noodles or spring mix. Next, you add your protein: tuna, salmon, yellowtail, and shrimp are your seafood options, while chicken and tofu are your land-based choices. Finally, you can go crazy adding whatever toppings you like (avocado, kale, pickled radish, and mango are just a few of 24+ options). Add a sauce like honey wasabi if you want something spicy-sweet, or go for toasted sesame for a more savory flavor. Finally, dig in! 

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