Shop Bargain-Priced Groceries at the New Aldi in Crofton

Yelp reviewer Stephanie T. “jumped for joy” when she first learned that the Crofton area was getting its very own ALDI—and for good reason. There’s truly no better spot to find great deals on food, home goods, and more. 

Looking to make smarter food options this season? ALDI offers fresh produce, plant-based and gluten-free products, and other must-haves to keep you feeling full and fueled. Focused on fitness? Their ALDI finds often include the tools you’ll need, like a set of kettlebells or hand weights. Looking to transform your home? They have the decor and general wares to let you create a personal sanctuary. Year-round, you’ll find great options and even better prices. There are even online communities devoted to the store’s “Aisle of Shame,” the affectionate nickname given to the seasonally focused aisle of weekly deals. 

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