Tempt Your Sweet Tooth at That’s So Morie Cupcakes

There’s something different about a homemade treat. You can taste the difference when a cookie or cupcake was made with love, and that’s the secret at That’s So Morie Cupcakes. Morie Stanton makes her picture-perfect sweets right in her home kitchen, and though they taste like homemade, they look exceedingly professional. She has all of the basics down pat. The ordinary flavors are anything but, or you can indulge in more inventive combinations like gingerbread latte, sweet red sangria, and peanut butter and jelly. Cookies are also on the menu, like subtlety spiced apple pie sandwich cookies or strawberry and lemon thumbprints that taste like summertime in one buttery bite. 

Another specialty of That’s So Morie Cupcakes are custom dessert tables that will be the hit of any party. Cross the sweets off your to-do list because Morie and her team will create a concept and design for your event, source all of the equipment, and set up/clear the table with all of the sweets included. Get inspired by visiting the website to see a few examples, or take a look at the flavors page to start your mouth watering.

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