Serving as a new standard of living, the grounds FLATS170 at Academy Yard was built on represent a rich history of innovative electric railroad transportation, entrepreneurial spirit and enterprise, and a vibrant community designed to provide housing for the expanding workforce that has blossomed into Odenton Town Center.

This unique history has enabled Odenton to retain the small town, local feel that its residents love. Easily connecting you to major economic hubs via its close proximity to the extensive highway network and the convenient MARC train service, Odenton offers a short train ride to both DC and Baltimore, as well as access to everything you need for a life well lived. Evolving from the Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis Electric Railway, which transported cadets to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, to a manufacturing facility anchoring the Odenton community through its transformation as the first phase of Academy Yard, FLATS170 stands today, dedicated in providing sanctuary to your most authentic, zealous self.


Electrified Engineering and Innovation

In 1908, The Washington, Baltimore & Annapolis Electric Railway, commonly known as the WB&A, started service as an electrified, high-speed, interurban railroad that operated for 27 prosperous years. The Naval Academy Junction station, taking cadets to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, and the adjacent rail car maintenance shops for the entire WB&A system, existed at the intersection of today’s MD 175 and Telegraph Road, just south of the current FLATS170 site. Another famous nearby site of the WB&A is the land that is now Fort George G. Meade. The WB&A sold the land to the U.S. Army as a temporary training camp for soldiers, known as Camp Meade. Since 1928, Fort Meade has been a permanent establishment and today it is a major economic catalyst for the region.


The Industrial Revolution—
Plastic Pushes Forward

With 1943 came the artful, deco-style National Plastic Products Company manufacturing plant, more recently known as the Nevamar Plant. It was built by the Winer family who had relocated from Baltimore to Odenton. The company was the largest employer in the area, hiring thousands of local residents for manufacturing paintbrush bristles, Barbie doll hair, textiles and even hula hoops. The Winers also became the innovators of a high-pressure, plastic-based laminating technology, which eventually became popular, under the Nevamar brand, for upscale and stylish designs.

In 1948, the Winer family commissioned Nathan Imenitoff, a Lithuanian artist from Paris, to create a large semicircular mural to adorn the company’s main entrance, with eleven scenes to commemorate the Industrial Revolution across the country.


From Plastic to Paper—
to Abandoned Potential

Over the next several years the land on which Academy Yard is located changed hands many times, each time with a new inspiration and purpose. In 1961, a joint venture between JP Stevens, a textile producer, and a division of what would soon become the Exxon Corporation, acquired the plant. In 1989, after several hand-offs to private investors, International Paper Company acquired the property and eventually divided it and sold it to various parties. Ultimately, those parties sold the abandoned Nevamar property to one final developer between 2006 and 2008. FLATS170 sits on the site once occupied by Nevamar’s Fountainhead division, which manufactured solid surface countertops, and was sold to Formica in 1999 before the division was eventually relocated. The property was sold in 2008 for redevelopment.


Embarking on a Journey to Sanctuary

Years passed, and while the land that would become Academy Yard anticipated its rebirth, developers diligently planned and plotted the future of living in Odenton’s historic epicenter. In 2012, after careful consideration of each facet of what would become your home today, construction began on FLATS170 at Academy Yard. A few years later, FLATS170 opened its doors to its first residents and officially made its mark as offering the highest standard of living in Anne Arundel County’s Odenton. Looking forward, we commit ourselves to that mission each day as we continue to welcome new residents and provide the highest level of service.